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Communities can make a huge contribution to families and the future success of their children. The children, in turn, can give back many times over when they become caring, productive members. If successful, they will add to the community's economic well-being, its social stability and its place in the larger picture.

In order to work and support their children, families need quality child care that is affordable, reliable and nurturing. And in order to get optimal performance and productivity from their work force, businesses need their employees to have access to that kind of child care.

In fact, everyone in the community has a stake in child care-just as we do in schools, law enforcement, fire departments and health care. Child care is not just a concern for parents. It affects every community member, sooner or later.

Please use this site to access information about the state of child care in your community and in the entire state. There are many issues, and many ways to play a role in efforts to improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of child care. We urge you to learn all you can, then join the many Oklahoma voices for children that seek to improve the economic and social future of our great state.

Here are some facts and figures to get your information-gathering started. Please contact the Oklahoma Child Care Resource & Referral Association with any questions you may have.

Data and information available on this site:

Advocacy: 2011 State and Federal Legislative Agenda and 2011 State Policy Recommendations.

Child Care and Early Education Portfolio 2005: A comprehensive biennial study of children in care in Oklahoma, providers in Oklahoma, costs and expenses of child care and initiatives in place to remediate identified needs. Data is broken down by county as well as statewide.

Child Care and Early Education Portfolio 2003: The same type of information, but compiled two years earlier.

Kids Count Data: a comprehensive study of the social, economic and health status of Oklahoma children.

Report on the Results of Oklahoma's Reaching for the Stars Program in Child Care Centers: A study conducted by the Early Childhood Collaborative of Oklahoma (a partnership between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University) that validates the merits of this initiative in child care centers.
Full Report
Executive Summary

Oklahoma Child Care & Development Plan for Federal Fiscal Years 2006-2007

OKDHS Statistical Bulletins: Monthly statistical tables by county, depicting services and expenses for child care. Prepared by Child Care Services of Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

OKDHS Child Care Initiatives: An updated statement of initiatives to improve child care in Oklahoma.

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