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The Oklahoma Child Care Resource & Referral Association helps employers deal effectively with child care issues that confront their employees. From workplace seminars to specialized child care referrals, and from information about the issues to consultations about specific types of support, OCCRRA offers a range of services for employers - all available through a resource & referral agency near you.

Studies show that parents who have consistent, affordable, quality child care are less likely to be absent from work or to leave their jobs. They are also more productive while at work. Without reliable child care that they trust, employees frequently feel torn between their responsibilities as parents and their responsibilities on the job. As an employer, you are in a unique position to make your workplace family-friendly and to support quality, affordable child care for your employees.

There are many options open to employers who want to reduce absenteeism, build employee loyalty and boost productivity by acknowledging employees' child care issues and supporting employed parents in their efforts to balance the needs of their job with the needs of their families.

Simply providing information from professionals about how to find the right child care and how to achieve an effective balance between work and family can be a help.

Offering flexible work schedules that accommodate the hours of available child care can make a substantial difference in the lives of parents. Allowing employees to start earlier or later can relieve stress and perhaps expand your service hours. Even temporary adjustments in work hours can help a family through a time of crisis and build loyalty to your company.

Many employers have found that providing financial support for child care more than pays for itself in reduced turnover and absentee rates, higher productivity levels, recruitment advantages and even tax savings. There are numerous avenues to provide financial support, some of which require minimal investment, while others involve more significant investments and commitments.

The Oklahoma Child Care Resource & Referral Association can provide the following services to employers:

  • Free consultation for employees who need help finding child care or child development advice or paying for child care
  • Information on the Oklahoma and the Federal employer child care tax credit
  • Help calculating the return on investment for employer-supported child care benefits for employees
  • Suggestions of cost-efficient ways to address child care needs of employees
  • Identification of characteristics of successful employer-supported child care programs
  • Help creating and supporting child care services
  • Provision of on-site seminars for employees on balancing work and family, finding quality child care, and child development
  • Recommend ideas for developing family friendly policies for employees
  • Assist with assessing employer, employee, and community child care supply and determining unmet needs

For Employer Services, call 405-942-5001 or 888-962-2272
Or call the Resource & Referral agency in your area
For online information, you can view/print the materials here.

Finally, as a civic-minded employer, you may desire to contribute to your community by advocating for high-quality child care and early education. Studies consistently show that nurturing environments and appropriate stimulation during early childhood will produce greater success in school and in adult life. The results improve economic outlooks for communities and for our society as a whole. Click here for more information on being a voice for children and families.

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